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I Should Have Hated This Pervy Anime, But I Loved It | Kotaku

Midway through the spring anime season, Richard called Henneko: The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat one of the anime you could skip...something which he now takes back. Because while there is much he would normally hate in a show like Henneko, all that is overshadowed by just how damn funny it is.

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aridectel2556d ago

Tsukiko is tooooo cute!

MouseUK2556d ago

It was a good anime with some good laughs in it, though I think the title for the series may have put a few people off which is amusing due to the lack Hentai.

koga882556d ago

Considering it is Kotaku, they probably go into every anime with the mindset of hating it and preparing a pathetic click-bait controversy about how their views are the only ones that matter.

wishingW3L2556d ago

more anime for perverts. That's all we get these days, perverted anime for the horny children.