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1000 Twitter Users Choose Anime Worth Preserving For Future Generations

Fuji TV recently broadcast the result of the poll that collected votes from one hundred and thirty thousand people in Japan to decide the anime titles to be preserved for the future after the first 50 years of anime production history.

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MonChiChi3211d ago

Nice. Love me some Bebop!

Agent_hitman3210d ago

I would choose Code Geass, K-on, Cardcaptor Sakura and Angel beast

wishingW3L3210d ago

they are all there. But to be honest, Angel Beats is garbage... When did you start watching anime, last year?

Tidybrutes3210d ago

I thought Angel Beats was ok, not amazing but wouldnt go as far to call it absolute rubbish though.
Seemed like a good idea for a anime in the first few episodes but didn't seem to go anywhere, a lot of the story seemed poorly implemented and a lot of the characters and their back story's could have been explained better.

raiden-493210d ago

K-on....why!? To show how people would do absolutely nothing in animes back then......

thorstein3210d ago


No Macross, No Gundam not even Wing, No G Force, No Voltron (original). No Akira. etc etc etc

Complete and utter fail.

wishingW3L3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

there's lots of bad anime but at least there's some really good ones. I was expecting the list to be way worse than this.

-Gespenst-3210d ago

Attack on Titan? Seriously? People need to stop jocking that show. With the exception of the animation, that show is pretty mediocre.

No Gundam? No Neon Genesis Evangelion? No Ghibli films? No Akira? I know nobody doesn't know what Dragonball Z is, but no Dragonball Z?

RedHawkX3210d ago

a lot of these new anime watchers are emo and dont know the real classics. they all gonna have death note, mihime, school rumble and crap like that in the top 100 lol. i wonder if these are mostly girls voteing, trolls, or soon to be 40 year old versions. lol one piece has zero votes and no dragonball? wow these guys are failures.

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