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Have You Seen? Sword Art Online

The amount of anime shows and franchises that are currently available for viewers to watch nowadays are of an extortionate amount and this figure is growing by the day as new series’ get the green light for production to start. However, with this extensive library to choose from we often find ourselves unable to decide on what to watch and when we do decide on a series that has caught our attention, it turns out to be the worst show ever made. However, amongst this vast amount of sub-standard anime there a few gems, one of these being… Sword Art Online.

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MouseUK3208d ago

Well said "I would say go into it with an open-mind and you will enjoy the hell out of it, but if you go in ready to pick at it, your going to ruin your time by looking for flaws that are not there. So go on, give it a try!"

wishingW3L3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

there are better things to do than waste time watching garbage anime. Sword Art is not even that good to begin with....

MouseUK3208d ago

It was the "go into it with an open-mind" aspect I was referring to... a lot of people seemed to have started watching it expecting more than it was, I watched it with no preconceptions and enjoyed the series so agree with him on that.

I'm not saying it is the best anime of 2012 but it is certainly not the worse and probably within the top 10.

It seems a lot of people jumped on the hater bandwagon which always gives me a good laugh, I've seen a few people calling the anime because someone said they like it and just for fun I've asked them if they actually watched it and that's when it gets amusing as most the time (not always) they haven't or they have watched 1 episode.

Oh well... everyone is entitled to an opinion :)

3208d ago
animeguardians3208d ago

Lmao. "A lot of fans of Sword Art Online do dislike the show, mainly due to change in direction of the story during the second half of the series. However, they are wrong and they should feel bad." Really? They're just all wrong? That's pretty funny.

ZetsubouJ3208d ago

There are plenty of adjectives I'd use to describe SAO... "gem" is not one of those.