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My Oreimo Can’t Be This Popular, Can It?!

Tony writes:

When it comes to late Saturday night for most anime fans these days, it usually means Toonami on Cartoon Network. But on August 18th, 2013, one anime premiere coming from Chiba, Japan to the world started a global conversation that got fans talking. The amazingly popular series, Oreimo (short for “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Wake ga Nai!!” or “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!!”), premiered the last three episodes of the 2nd season in a worldwide simulcast from Asia to Europe to North America to even Africa. When the 2nd season OVAs premiered on Crunchyroll and other streaming services, the hashtag, “#oreimo”, trended worldwide on Twitter.

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D3acon2622d ago

I think its a great series, I guess what made me watch the first episode and later episodes was the role reversal, most of the time anime portrays a male otaku and never a female version to this degree. I like the series and yes I like the ova too.

MangaTherapy2622d ago

I almost forgot about that. The fact that she's a female otaku that loves male-oriented stuff does play a role in liking the series.

tarbis2621d ago

I really love this series. Kirino may be bratty but there's a good reason to it. And that reason made me dislike Minami for what she did to Kirino when she's supposed to be the neutral.
The ending was really good, very good.
I'm sure many will be creeped out bec they think it's about incest. But, if they keep an open mind about it. I'm sure they'll see that this anime does not promote incest or whatever shit they can think of but, covers the issues of the what's going on inside a family, siblings and humans.