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5 Anime Recommendations for the Uninitiated

5 anime recommendations for anyone who wants to experience the different facets of anime -- a good start to the path down anime geekdom.

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blitzburns41877d ago

Good list. I would have personally done.

Anime in it's entirety: Cowboy Bebop

Simply the best anime overall I've ever seen. Trust me, if Cowboy Bebop had been anything less than a ten I wouldn't have continued watching anime. It is literally the perfect introduction to anime, and is considered by many to be the best anime ever made. (For good reason.)

Anime Outside it's Portrayals: Yu Yu Hakusho

The only reason, in my personal opinion, as to why FMA:Brotherhood is considered "the best shonen" by many anime enthusiasts; is because Yu Yu Hakusho messed up it's ending. You see, the original manga artist, Togashi, felt he was under way too much pressure by his publisher and fans and it was starting to effect his mental and physical health. Based off the initial direction of the fourth arc, it was likely he was going to expand the original conflict into a demonic war (instead of what happened.)

Had the fourth arc lived up to it's potential. There is no doubt in my mind this would even be a discussion. Nontheless, I feel Yu Yu Hakusho outclasses FMA Brotherhood in everything except the ending. For that reason, I recommend it over FMA:Brotherhood any day of the week.

Mind Games: Future Diary

Death Note is an amazing show, don't get me wrong. However, Mirai Nikki (Japanese name for this show.) trades some of the deep psychological mind games for some romance and amazing action. And, while Death note split many fans on the direction of the latter half of the series; Mirai Nikki remains consistent through and through. (That is, if we include the OVA episode- which is the true ending.)

Heists and Effective Comedy: Black Lagoon

Black Comedy galore. Heists galore. One of the strongest cast of characters in any anime since Bebop. There simply isn't a better show out there than this. I really can't say enough good things about this show. Depending on when you ask me, this show would even tie with Cowboy Bebop for number one.

Slice of Life: Spice & Wolf

Okay. I know Spice & Wolf isn't necessarily a slice of life anime, but I feel that it's a much better segue than K-On for newer anime fans. If we're trying to get that romantic type show out of the way. This would be it.