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Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 you can (not) advance anime show Review | Anime Kida

A few weeks ago, I watched the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie 2.22. This movie had a lot of new things ,but mostly it had a lot of old stuff. Ideally, this movie was meant to reintroduce Evangelion to a new generation of otakus. - Teresita Blanco

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wishingW3L2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

and then comes part 3 to make you cry because of how bad it is.

jimmywolf2628d ago

part 3 was poorly made? i been ignore it mostly waiting for the dubed blue ray so don't know.

blackmanone2628d ago (Edited 2628d ago )

Still waiting for the Dub, too. Heard it's a huge departure from the shows, but is it really that bad?

overrated442628d ago

It's not nearly as "action packed" as 1 and 2 but it's quite a far step to say that it's "bad". It's decent and takes some odd turns, but I don't think it's as awful as a lot of people are saying.

RE_L_MAYER2628d ago

Got both movies but havent watched it))))

franwex2628d ago

This one is the best one so far. I seriously doubt 4 will be as good too.