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Why You Shouldn't Buy ANYTHING From Aniplex USA!

No matter how much you like Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online, don't give in!

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Cybermario2727d ago

If Aniplex wants to follow the steps of Bandai be my guest, will open a root beer when they close their doors.

Subby2727d ago

Own both Fate/Zero sets..might pick up SAO thanks to this.

MouseUK2726d ago

I wouldn't buy anime at Aniplex's prices... Thats mental. Especially when I've already seen it subbed on Crunchy Roll or similar.

I thought Manga UK splitting Sword Art Online into 4 (rather than 2 parts) and charging £14 each was bad (I like to own my series in box sets not in 4 parts) for a change I'm glad to be in the UK ;)

Here's an idea if you want it, when it starts coming out in the UK in December, look at importing it from the UK instead if its cheaper :)

ZetsubouJ2726d ago

Ok, seriously, screw that guy. Aniplex has opted to not sell to a mainstream market, instead they've chosen to treat their titles like niche collectibles, which makes sense, because anime is a niche form of entertainment in the States. Just because the general public won't pay their prices doesn't mean a select few who value adding beloved titles to their collection won't, and that's all they need to make a profit.

And it's not like they're screwing those that would like to support the series but can't afford it, since they make all of their show available for stream.

But then again I started buying anime back in 2000 when $150 was the standard price for a boxset and that was considered a good deal.

paradiseandfaries2726d ago

I've been collecting since the old days as well(2002), but like it or not, anime is becoming more mainstream then it ever has been. It isn't how it used to be, where we were happy to pay 30 bucks for a 3 episode DVD. The American market has changed. It's now possible to get anime very inexpensively here and there's no reason at all why Aniplex cannot release their shows at a reasonable price while still turning a profit. Now, i have been informed by another one of my viewers that it maybe a measure to discourage reverse importing, where Japanese otaku will import anime from america to save money. But isn't that why there's a 1-3 year turn around time before we get ANYTHING over on this side of the pacific? Either way, Aniplex of japan is just being greedy and it's up to us to send a clear message that we won't have any of it. If i want to play Japanese prices, i'll import the series from japan, thank you very much.

ZetsubouJ2725d ago

First, anime isn't "becoming more mainstream then it ever has been". Anime hit it's peak in the late 90's and the very early 2000s, anime is just more accessible then it's ever been before.

Current anime prices and half season sets have nothing to do with being "mainstream", it was a counter measure to deal with the huge increase of fansubbers and piracy, which is what killed off Geneon and Bandai.

Also, the insane prices you were talking about, those are mostly japanese import sets, Gurren Lagann and the Modoka films are the exact same releases that japan got and we got them soon after Japan did, so of course they're sold at Japanese prices. And yes, their prices for blu-rays are high, but their DVDs are far more reasonable.

Oh, one more thing, the Gurren Lagann Blu-ray set is completely sold out at Rightstuf. So, yes, they can charge those prices, and yes, we will pay them.

Hergula2726d ago

I don't really have to take this to heart, as I don't buy anything from them anyways.

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