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Valvrave Season Two - More Official Images Released

Frank Inglese Writes:

There’s less than a month until the next season of Anime begins and a lot of the Anime-fan population are excited for the second season of the hit mecha Anime, Valvrave The Liberator. A couple of weeks ago we were given some pretty images of the lovely ladies of the series in what seems like their very own military uniforms and today we’ve been given, by Aniplex, something I would consider even better. While it’s basically just the one image, accompanied by some magazine scans, I feel like it’s an image that will appropriately highlight the epic events of the series to come. This image may or may not be the poster image for the second season, I for one hope that it is.

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Subby3003d ago

This is looking awesome. Can't wait to see what the Dorussian (terrible name) forces have in store. Blitzendegen!

TheHergulaX3002d ago

I felt like the first season was unique as far as some storyline archs went, but am hoping for many improvements in the second season as far as characters go.