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Wolf Children Ame and Yuki to Get UK Cinema Release

The PR company for Manga Entertainment, Fetch Publicity, has confirmed that ‘The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki’ is set to have a UK cinema release starting from October 25th 2013. According to the Film Distributors association website the film is to be released in ‘Key Cities’ throughout the UK. The film is also going to be receiving a release on DVD and Blu-ray come December 23rd 2013.

The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki revolves around a human girl, Hana, whom fell in love with a wolf guy and eventually married him, giving birth to two children, one during a rainy day, thus the name Ame and the other during a snowy day, thus Yuki. The family of 4 lived quietly in the city till when the father suddenly died and Hana decide to move to a rural town, far away from the city.

The concept was brought together by Mamoru Hosoda and his writing partner Satoko Okudera. The character designs were materialised by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the one behind Summer Wars’ character design. Hosoda was the one directing this production, however Takaaki Yamashita, visual artist for Summer Wars, served as animation director.

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Hergula2626d ago

That's wonderful news, I loved the film. And no, it is no joke, I actually love it.