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TGS – J-Stars Victory VS Hands-On Preview | Twinfinite

Yamilia from Twinfinite writes, "There will always be a part of me that jumps immediately at the brawler titles that pit you and a friend in a fighting match against or together. As such, I poked Matt and skipped the hell out of the line (by mistake) to check out J-Stars Victory VS. No idea what it was, just saw Goku and said, 'Oh hell yeah.'"

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futurefrog2069d ago

This was an absolutely terrible preview. The person writing had no clue who any of the characters outside of DBZ characters were and slammed the game repeatedly just because it wasn't like DBZ Budokai. Awful article from an awful website. Will never return again. Disgusted.

capitanandi2069d ago

Sorry you felt that way, but the writer was giving her impressions of the game. Whether or not she personally knew the name of some characters really has nothing to do with what she thought of J-Stars Victory Vs. as a video game. These impressions are mainly for telling who is not at Tokyo Game Show how the game plays, including its controls and mechanics. If the person who played the game themselves thought it was made poorly, that is completely beyond anyone's control and should not dictate the quality of an entire website. Thanks, and have a nice day.

futurefrog2069d ago

It was a disrespectful and insulting article to all shonen jump fans. The writer didn't bother to research anything and never once backed up any claims of bad controls with any explaination or reasoning. This has tarnished the reputation of Twinfinite forever in my mind. This was simply terrible.