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Letter to Momo Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"The words left unsaid are the ones that haunt us the most. Letter to Momo is a tale of what goes unsaid. The pain that can come from the unknowing. It is only amplified when those words will never be said. It’s a special kind of pain that comes with losing someone. When someone passes on from the world, we ask ourselves countless questions and sometimes even ask ourselves what that person would say to us now.

Letter to Momo is a heartbreaking film from legendary animation studio Production I.G. It deals with life, love, death, family and all that lies in between. Momo is on a journey to discover those unspoken words and its a journey that at one point or another we all must take. Letter to Momo may just be the dark horse for best film of REEL Anime 2013."

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