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Junkie Monkeys: Sword Art Online Dub: “The Blue-Eyed Demon” Episode Review

Junkie Monkeys: What’s up guys! Junkie Monkeys is here once again for another review on the English dub for Sword Art Online. This weekend Toonami aired the 9th episode and things are getting interesting fast!

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koga882241d ago

Wow someone is extremely high on Sword Art Online at the moment huh? Too bad the show is nowhere near that good and soon becomes deus ex machina terrible.

FamilyGuy2241d ago (Edited 2241d ago )

It starts off really good and then gets pretty ecchi, it's still good but surprising how suddenly it happens.

I would re-watch these toonami versions with english dubbed audio but i have a feeling that they're edited compared to the japanese version for the reasons I mentioned in my first statement.

Nagisa_Rodriguez2241d ago

The show it's self is amazing. The story is absolutely killer! Give it a chance :)

3-4-52240d ago

I haven't even finished the first season.

It was my first anime and I got to around episode 17 or so, and kind of lost a bit of interest, but I kind of want to pick it back up again.

I love Kirito as a Main character and the idea of something like this existing or occurring is pretty awesome to think about.

I loved this but was turned off by one thing. I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen but after a certain point in the first season I was just like " Whaaaaaat? This is lame"....

I kind of want to find out what happens though now.

The art in this anime is just beautiful.

DHGsilentwolf2241d ago

im a big fan of sao i loved it but the second season wasnt so great i was dissappointed but even though i didnt like the second season i would go back and rewatch the anime all over again great anime one of the top 10 in my book

yaz2882240d ago

once again, the first 15 episode >> AMAZING!!!!
rest is kinda shit.

3-4-52240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

That is what happened to me, although I didn't make it past episode 15 or 16 or 17.

Once he went into the other world and had elf ears and was flying I pretty much instantly lost all interest in this and haven't watched anything past that point.

The first 15 episodes though is some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen in terms of Art, Music, Ideas and story.

DHGsilentwolf2240d ago

exactly but I still watched it and it got kinda good but not as good as the first 15 episodes lol