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Rune Factory 4 Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"When Rune Factory was first created; it was literally called ‘A Fantasy Harvest Moon’ in the West thanks to the fact that Harvest Moon has been a relatively well known game series since it started back in 1996. Now seven years after the first Rune Factory was released, there is no longer a need to refer to the game as a fantasy version of the Harvest Moon series as it has managed to establish its own identity. Now with its own signature style heading to the 3DS for the first time, does Rune Factory 4 do its part in making the series worth remembering?"

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koga883033d ago

This game is seriously addicting. I downloaded it earlier today and ended up sitting plugged into the wall for awhile because I nearly killed my 3DS battery twice. Finally had to pull myself away from it to let it have a real charge for tomorrow.