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Fall 2013 Week 7 APR - Weekly Aniblogger Top 5 Results

Desu ex Machina runs a weekly "Anime Power Ranking" where anime bloggers get to vote on the past week's strongest episodes, submitting a 5 show ballot, and optional opinions.

The post covers last week's shows. This week has written opinions appearing for Samurai Flamenco, Kill la Kill, and White Album 2.

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Thunder_God1799d ago

Well, a week without Kyousougiga feels a bit empty. I'm going to drop some shows which don't excite me and never hit the APR top 5 ballot I send in, and pick up some shows people are saying are great.

Better to have an APR that's tough due to how /good/ everything is, then one where the last 2-3 spots are hard because none of them really stood out.