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Anime Isn’t Special – And Neither Are You For Watching It

Guy expands on his opinion on how anime is "special", requires "special/prior knowledge of anime" to understand - well, he says they're not. He also claims that some of these claims come from people wanting to attach additional value to something they're fans of, and that just like anime isn't some privileged and special media, neither are its fans.

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TheHergula1884d ago

I do not agree, nor do I disagree. My opinion is simply different.

andrewer1884d ago

Anime is special in my opinion because it has great stories with approaches completely different from western stories. I don't think I would ever see anime stuff in an western story, they simply don't match, and that's what make them special. Try to bring an anime story to western style - for me at least, it is impossible.

D3acon1884d ago

I think you have to be a special person to enjoy anime. The reason is because you are taking the time to embrace another culture, their values and beliefs. A lot of it is tied into their animation. You can enjoy a show on its own but having a knowledgeable insight into its background will give you a better understanding and I would say a greater joy and appreciation.

Anime is considered special because its different from what is considered normal. There is only about 7 types if stories that can be told and they display these stories in a unique way and with so many ideas and innovations they can come up with some brilliant perspectives which is a good rhing.

Neckbear1884d ago

But anime embraces other cultures and beliefs. Things like Jormungand, Baccano!, Berserk, Planetes and more appeal and embrace cultures that aren't japanese.

That's also what makes them so great.

There are also few anime that could be considered legitimately based on japanese culture; things like House of Five Leaves and Sakamichi no Apollon are legitimately japanese in every sense, and aren't afraid of showing it, but generic romcoms are just...there.

Besides, anime isn't the only place where a different culture shows. In books, especially, you see a whole lot of another countries, whether it be their customs, their beliefs or their values.

Akatsuki070NL1884d ago

i dont watch anime to be special ur something, i dont give a damn. I watch it because i love it :D!

zerocrossing1884d ago

But my mum says I'm special... :/

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