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Cowboy Bebop Remastered Sessions Collection 1 Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"What makes us alive? What makes us dead? Cowboy Bebop asked these questions 15 years ago, by the end of its troubled original 1998 TV run it had reached an answer. We don’t die until we’re forgotten and we’re not alive until we have something worth remembering. In many ways Cowboy Bebop embodies these notions. 15 years after it wrapped up its 26 episode run, it lives on in the minds of anime fans around the world. Why is it that this anime has stood the test of time? Well it’s quite simply one anime series that you’ll never forget."

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futurefrog2042d ago

one of the greatest anime ever made

masterabbott2042d ago

gotta agree with the frogman here.

futurefrog2042d ago

you are smart to agree with me

Darrius Cole2042d ago

THE greatest anime series ever made.

L0Lcano2042d ago

This is probably my favourite anime ever. Outlaw star is very similar and great also. Theres just something about space bounty hunter animes that I like. The jazz and hip hop infusions just make it magical.
Samurai champloo is another one which I adore (also has hip hop jazz music).

kingPoS2042d ago

I still have my OG DVD's in near mint condition.

Please don't tell me they gave the Dragon ball Z treatment; where the top & bottom are cropped.

Myst2041d ago

Oh my god I have to buy this..