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Why the Original Finale to Evangelion Is the Only One That Matters

There are no questions about zombies, the ending of Man of Steel, or superhero genitalia in this week's mailbag. Rob should be happy, but instead he's just suspicious. What are you people planning?! Hrmm. Anyways, you'll have to content yourself with the best Avengers stories, why The Dark Tower can't be animated and a comparison of Goblin Kings. For now…

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bb14z3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Interesting little article but I disagree. The TV Series' ending, for lack of a better word, sucked. This writer's explanation here is that it's simply the best ending available, and that he/she also thought it was the best ending due to personal connection that had implications on the writer's own life...And while I respect that writer's opinion AND sympathize with the troubles he/she went through... I still feel obliged to tell this writer that neither of those arguments are valid reasons to suggest the ending still doesn't suck. If anything, in my opinion, this writer should consider putting episode 24 as the true ending since even the writer suggests episodes 25 and 26 were made out of desperation to finish the series, and hints that End of Evangelion was made out of spite. (Which, as we can see, had huge consequences on the final product.)

And, you know what, I don't see anything wrong with that. If something is bad, say so. Don't try to beat around the bush as that impairs any constructive thought process. Even the Evangelion haters, I think, will admit that the series had potential to truly be the great (in their view) show it promised to be. (And that's coming from a self-admitted adament NGE hater, too.) If the writer reads this: Use that to your advantage.

It's a shame, really. (While we're on the topic.) The Rebuild movies looked like they had such promise, but they seem to be making the same mistakes the original TV series/EoE made all those years ago. Obviously, I'll reserve my complete judgement until after the fourth movie (uncut) is released, but I will say it's not looking good for this one... I find it ironic, perhaps, that the article's writer admired the original ending because it suggested letting go. Perhaps that's a lesson learned that can be applied to other, more nostalgic, things as well.

Edit: Nonetheless, I enjoyed the article. Thanks for the post.