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Beyond the Boundary Episode 1-7 Review | Geekenstein

"Beyond the Boundary (or Kyoukai no Kanata) however you like to proclaim it, was one of the more talked about premieres of this season, and after hearing nearly everyone talking it up, I thought I’d finally get around to it. Of the three seasons I’m writing about, it’s the least excited I’ve gotten about every week; that is until around episode 4. At episode 4 we really get into the action, the premise, and the characters and their motivations. The first three episodes are just so poorly paced and filled with agonizing ‘comedy’ that, for someone like me, I shudder more than I chuckle. Japanese humor has never translated well for me, and unless it’s live action, it almost always falls flat. Luckily after episode 3 the comedy portions nearly dry up and, save for one episode, the series stays consistently great and watchable." - Curtis Stone of Geekenstein

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