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Naruto's Author Says the End is Near for Series

In a TV message, Masashi Kishimoto says the manga will be coming to an end soon.

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tayz3239d ago

i am kind of tearing up just thinking about it. so many good memories of this show and it's not over yet. i hope at least till 2015 and then many canon movies afterwards!!!!

OJSoFunky3239d ago

I reckon only a couple months left and i'm kind of glad that it's ending, it has really gone downhill the last few years, it used to be my favourite manga but now it is just a shadow of it's former self

kane_13713239d ago

This is exactly what Bakuman told us from the begining, Jump kills the pop series.
Sad :/
They should have ended after the pain Arc, if not, well at least they should have kept the Kyuubi as the renegade spirit that uses every opportunity to kill Naruto, but no, they had to go and give Naruto the power to control Kyuubi, the biggest villain of the series and now the fucking TOBI is like: hey, PEACE AND LOVE AND HAPPINESS!

this is murder, they are killing Naruto with each page they publish!

PSVita3239d ago (Edited 3239d ago )

Attack on titan has become my new favorite. Bleach and naruto are just terrible now. Like does every bad guy in naruto need a sob story that tries to convince us he's really not that bad!? C'mon naruto where's just plain evil at? That's why I'm loving AOT.

jtenma3239d ago

If you pay attention to what happens in Naruto, you would know that no one, not even the "bad guys", just comes out of nowhere automatically "evil".

Everyone has something they are fighting for, unlike other "manga", there really aren't any "bad people". These are just people changed by war - which is a bit more realistic in the character development side of things.

PSVita3239d ago

Sorry I don't really care to know every bad guys sob story which is all the same by the way. They loved someone and that person died blah blah blah grow up!

Hellsing is also one of my favorites.

Qrphe3239d ago

SnK is not a long-running series like Naruto or Bleach. However it's better this way as long-running series usually drop in quality (with few exceptions except for One Piece for example).

colonel1793238d ago

We will definitely see Naruto becoming Hokage or something greater, but I want to see Naruto as an old man. It would be interesting to see how the Ninja World is after several years.

Also, who is going to get to be with Sakura? LOL

kingrj3239d ago

That's reaLly depressing. This time next year it will be aLl over.

tayz3239d ago

noooo don't say that! at least till 2015, just pray for it!! i need just 2 more years!!!

NarooN3239d ago

The series has been ongoing for AGES. It's actually about time they finished it.

Torunkz3238d ago

It's time they ended it.

They can only do so much with it's plot, which BTW was inspired by Hunter X Hunter. Inspiration is a fine way to start off, but when you look at some similarities between Kurapika and Sasuke, then see a huge slice of plot is built around Sasuke, you question certain aspects of the series... I enjoy Naruto, but never as much as I enjoy HXH. Sadly, the manga artist for HXH is lazy when it comes to releasing chapters...

RedHawk023239d ago

I love Naruto and it's sad that the end is coming but it's better to end it while the story is great than to continue it with something boring and crappy.

tayz3239d ago

Even if the manga is over I want them to make a Naruto GT or something with Naruto as Hokage and being married with Sakura and having kids and all that stuff. It can be one big filler but I would really like that after the manga finishes in 2015 (December 2015 :p)

RedHawk023239d ago

Lol all we can hope for is a movie. Dec 2015 seems like a bit of a stretch but we'll see.

kane_13713239d ago

"Naruto as Hokage and being married with Sakura"
"married with Sakura"
"with Sakura"



DrRobotnik3239d ago

That would be the biggest insult thrown into the face of Hinata. She loved Naruto, even when everyone else despised him as a kid. And then when pain came and put Naruto on his face, every one else sat there waiting for Naruto to save the day. She was the only one willing to give her life for him. I like Sakura, but if they make Naruto join up with her in the end. I will place this Series with ranks of the most loathed anime/manga series. Looking at you Dragonball GT and Soul Eater.

k2d3238d ago

LOL Sasuke totally deserves that b**** Sakura.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx3239d ago

Good this whole thing with Obito was really lame. Lets just hope he deals with Madara and sauske betetr.

pompombrum3239d ago

Naruto ending will be huge for me.. I started watching it when I was 18 and I'm 27 now, to see such a long running series come to an end will be sad.

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