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Summer Phase: Persona 3 Movie 2 gets a release window

Japanator's Josh Tolentino writes: "Now [Atlus have] gone and announced, right after the opening of the first Persona 3 movie, Spring of Birth's release, the window for when to expect the second Persona 3 movie.

That window is the "early summer" of 2014. Members of the voice cast present (including Fuuka's Mamiko Noto, Yukari's Megumi Toyoguchi, and the protagonist's Akira Ishida) were on hand to tease that "more of the game's characters" would be appearing in the next movie."

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Sentionaut3288d ago

I didn't even see the first movie. Now I gotta catch up.

Tidybrutes3288d ago

Its only just been released in Japanese cinemas this week.

Sentient5453288d ago

4 games and a movie. Man, they really pulled out all the stops.