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Little Busters Season One Part One Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:
"Slice-of-life, it's a genre of anime, but its also something more than just that, its a moment of life captured forever. What most slice-of-life series do is by and large a rinse and repeat formula that dozens of series have used. Little Busters is one slice-of-life that is far less ordinary. There is something deeper in Little Busters, beneath the daily lives of these crazy kids is an idea that transcends the genre and innovates in ways that both shock and surprise, for better or for worse."

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masterabbott3088d ago

Little Busters is an awesome Anime, its on my watch list for this year.

Thunder_God3087d ago

How do you know it's awesome if you hadn't watched it yet? O.o

Subby3088d ago

My favourite Key work, something really touching about Little Busters.