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Hayao Miyazaki: Anime Suffers Because the Industry is Full of "Otaku"

Lauded animated film director Hayao Miyazaki says anime suffers when the people making it can't stand observing real people.

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Thunder_God2178d ago

You can see he's friends with Hideaki Anno ;)

More seriously, since I'm sure many of you won't even read the link, he's talking to a large degree about animation. If you don't observe people, you can't draw them and make them come off as natural.

Somebody2178d ago

Yes. In a lot of animes I spent a lot of the time waiting for the punch line or the next exposition to move the story.

With Miyazaki's work, I watched the characters. Their movements, their reactions, their body language. They themselves tell a story and such a joy to see.

ThyMagicSword2177d ago

Maybe he is getting too old for animes, so he blames the "Otakus" for it. I can't identify myself with his characters (because they are mostly little girls). THhey don't seem that outstanding to me.

adorie2177d ago

He's from a era in Anime that had my eyes glued to the screen. Now I can't be bothered with most animes and it's something niche to me, rather than something I was actively collecting and scouring to watch.

He's right to a degree in my opinion.

DJrantz2177d ago

I think theres different styles and ways of doing things. Miyzaki makes films that could work even if they weren't animated, because he examines real people and translates that to animation, and I enjoy that. But then theres anime like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto with characters like Itachi and Goku who seem beyond human. Not just in strength but in character as well. I enjoy that type of anime too.