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Top 10 Video Games with Anime Art

We here at JapanCinema are big video game fans as well as anime so we decided to countdown the best games that feature anime inspired concept art or in-game cutscenes.

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Yi-Long3090d ago

I love games with an anime-art style. I also love games that are Japan-based, location and culture wise...

... which is why it baffles me why they released an English Dub-Only version of Persona 4 in the west. It's ridiculous. It seems very much a game that's AIMED at an audience that's into anime and japanese culture, yet you replace the japanese voices with a dub!?

It's just wrong.

GamingBuddha093089d ago

reverse import. in Japan the prices for games (and this extends to anime as well) are much higher than they are in the West, well depending on how well the currency is doing at the time. since the American copy will have a japanese language track and is cheaper in price than the japanese version, japanese gamers will import the american version. publishers do not want that to cannibalize their domestic sales so they tell localization companies not to add in a japanese language track. funny enough this has happened to both the Persona 4 anime and the Persona 4 fighting game

jtenma3090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )


What if there was a way to modify the game so that English speaking people could understand the characters without having to move their eyes down to read subtitles?

That would be great wouldn't it? If the lines could be delivered with the same emotion, yet you wouldn't have to experience the medium through reading -- you could just listen.


DivineHand1253090d ago (Edited 3090d ago )

There is an error with item number 7 on that list. There you have Valkyria Chronicles listed as a ps3 exclusive but the picture is from the sequal of the game which was released exclusively for the psp.

Also for number 4 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm. I Think it would be better to recommend Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 which came out last year for ps3/xbox360/PC. That game has more characters, more ninjutsu, High Production values, tons of boss fights, more content overall. Also I don't think the picture you used to illustrate that game came from ultimate ninja storm.

Decent list overall.