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Top 10 Anime Intro Songs of All Time

Junkie Monkeys: There are loads of great anime shows out there in the wild, but today we are only looking at some of anime’s best intro songs. This doesn’t mean that the intro song makes each show listed better than another, because there are tons of amazing shows out there that did not make our list. Without further delay, let’s get into Junkie Monkeys’ top ten anime intro songs of all time!

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Aleithian2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Wow, Tenchi Muyo. That takes me back. I didn't get around to finishing that, so I should do that now! ^^

That said, I completely disagree with the number 1 spot. Even on this list, the second AoT track should be way lower. Of course we all have different preferences, but the song just doesn't carry the emotional punch of other intros, and it's definitely weaker than the first AoT track.

And I'm surprised Evangelion didn't make the list. It's a classic intro:

blackblades2666d ago

I disagree with the whole list, except for soul eater papermoon. My tops are but not in order are:
Soul Eater/papermoon
Tokyo Majin/0:00
Code Geass/Colors and Kaidoku Funou
Durarara/Complicatins op2
Murder princess
Bleach op. 1,2,3,4
Naruto Shippuden op. 1
These are my top and there's a few more as well as endings.

Aleithian2666d ago

I'll have to check those out. Some on the list I agreed with, like AoT. In general, I thought the list emphasized a Western sound too much. There were at least two with a hip hop/rap sound, and one with a sort of film noir feel. I think there were more, if I remember correctly. I wasn't that impressed by it, or with the reasoning (Dragonball Z because it was a popular show??).

blackblades2666d ago

Those western ones were afro and champloo they are ok but I rather have them be bgm then openings. Champloo ending Shiki no uta has that feeling one of the best ending song. I don't understand JP but I listern to them a lot, its all about the feel, emotion, ect.... The songs on the list are ok in there on way but not the top. MY OPINION! AnywayI hated dbz opening english and jp, only music good on that was the english ost from beginning to end of cell saga as well as goku going ss3 track in buu saga. The JP version just sucked.

DivineHand1252666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I dissagree with some of the tracks chosen for this list. Here is mine. No particular order.

Spice and Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu
Black Lagoon - Red Fraction
Deadman Wonderland - One Reason
Shingeki no Kyojin - Guren no Yumiya
WataMote Opening
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex - Inner Universe
Bleach - Aterisk
Death Note - The World
Shakugan no Shana II - Joint
Bleach - Ichirin no Hana

Making this list was harder than I thought.

CLOUD19832666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Worst TOP 10 list of Anime OP I have ever see by far & this "...of All Time" at the end of article's name makes the whole thing even more ridiculous...

DEATHxTHExKIDx2666d ago

Anima Rossa rlly? For Bleach I'd say it would have to be Aterisk(OP1), Ichirin no Hana(op3) or even After Dark(op7).

RockmanII72666d ago

The Top 2 are the 2nd AoT theme and Rock the Dragon? They're not even the best OP's for their shows. The 1st AoT theme ranked at #5 is better than the 2nd one and "Cha-La Head-Cha-La" is the best DBZ theme.

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