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Bakuman Season 1 Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"An anime about making a manga that will go on to become an anime based upon a manga about making manga, that is Bakuman in a nut-shell, but it is so much more than just that. Bakuman is a story about passion, dreams, hopes and love, it just happens to also be about making manga. What we have here is something incredibly unique, but simultaneously niche, the series details the ins an outs of the manga industry with a splash of romantic comedy on the side, if you aren’t all that interested in the behind the scenes workings of the manga world than you’re likely going to have a hard time with Bakuman. It is a pretty even 50/50 split of manga industry exploration and story of following your dreams and loves. However on top of all that Bakuman is 100% fun."

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F-Inglese-942559d ago

I love this show! Seems great for fans of anime/manga who also want to write manga.

futurefrog2559d ago

it is a manga fans dream come true

koga882559d ago

It is such a shame that we won't be getting any more of this anime in North America after Media Blasters went and died all over the license after part 1.

futurefrog2559d ago

yes looks like it will be Australia exclusiv enow

TXIDarkAvenger2559d ago

This show was so good. I literally marathon it for all 3 seasons.