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Tokyo Ravens Episode #24 Anime Review (Season Finale) | Fandom Post

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Tokyo Ravens has operated the last few episodes without Natsume as one of the players in it, though she’s been a big motivating factor. Her death is one that has Harutora moving heaven and earth to try and bring her back, which had him nearly going dark for a moment and showing the others just how far he’s willing to go to achieve his goal. It’s admirable in its own way, but it’s been interesting that the show finally felt like it had a purpose. So much of the second half of the series has felt listless that by killing one of them off and going on a resurrection quest, they actually feel like they’re doing something now. Sadly, we’ve gotten a lot of adults in the mix that have their own ill formed agendas that in the end seem like they distract more than anything else.

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TXIDarkAvenger1669d ago

Felt the same way. The ending was weak but I feel things will be more interesting once Season 2 starts.