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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 12 (Finale!) - Impressions and Notes

Another entry in my note-taking and thought-jotting series of posts on currently running shows. This episode we talk about how KyoAni promised us things, promised us things and didn't deliver.

As always, the notes were taken while actually watching the episode, and rather than just repeating what you've already watched, elaborate upon it, assuming you've already watched the episode.

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Thunder_God3018d ago

I enjoyed a lot of this series, this season. I've enjoyed almost every episode, and almost every moment.

But that does not necessarily add up to a /show/ I enjoy. I mean, it's not a gag or skit-based comedy, so liking it moment to moment, especially as a second season, when I liked the first for its /drama/? Nope, made me sad :(