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Pupa is the Worst Anime I Have Ever Seen

Marow of Anime Viking writes: "When I first heard of Pupa, it seemed rather interesting and worth looking forward to. Based on the horror manga with the same name, Pupa tells the story about two orphaned siblings who only have each other to rely on after severe domestic violence. However, one day they are both infected with the Pupa virus which turns the younger sister Yume into a grotesque man-eating monster while the older brother Utsutsu gains regenerative abilities."

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Thunder_God2470d ago

Honestly? Mine too.

It's not the worst show I've finished, because I didn't finish it.

There's... nothing good about this show. It wasn't even trying not to take itself seriously, so it's not like it even succeeded at accomplishing any of its own goals.

Marow2470d ago

It's so short, so I figured I could finish it. It was just so... fascinating, you know? I have no idea what kind of reasoning there is behind its creation. It sold awfully and I don't think it even promoted the manga.

Thunder_God2470d ago

I'm still entertaining the idea of watching it all now that it's done. I thought the censoring was terrible, but turns out the actual art underneath is even worse, so not sure in which way to watch it...

Marow2470d ago

@Thunder_God: When I wrote this, I managed to find some pictures linking some comparisons between the censored and uncensored scenes. Take a look.
I just... don't understand some of the beams, especially when other anime has managed to slip by with equally or worse stuff.

And yeah, it's not really too pretty even if its uncensored (although I like the visual style they're going for). It's barely even animated either.

In which way to watch it? So you know how a disaster looks like!

Maxilom2470d ago

There's a good reason as to why no channel in Japan wanted to air this, even moreso when the source material wasn't even that good in the first place to begin with.