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Oreshura Review [Capsule Computers]

Kane Bugeja writes:

High School can be a difficult time for anybody. With all the classes and tests and books, it can be a tad overwhelming at times. Now add the complications of a relationship into the mix…well, more like four relationships if you want to be specific. With the chaos brought about by four high school girls in love with love, our hapless protagonist will have to try his damndest not to lose himself in their countless ploys to earn his affection. After all, love is an unnecessary distraction when planning for your future. Isn’t it?

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koga883002d ago

My favorite thing about this show was the opening theme and the coloration used. Everything else was pretty basic as far as a harem romcom goes.

Subby3002d ago

Basic harem..but Ai-chan was love.

DivineHand1253002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I have a few issues with this review, namely the criticisms made by the writer. The writer complains about the show having too many plot holes gives examples such as Chiwa being able do Kendo in spite of receiving a career ending injury prior. I didn't find issue with this because I don't think the injury was enough to make a her a cripple to the point it would affect her daily life. Instead I think she can still swing the sword but not at a competitive level.
Other criticisms were the main character's original goal was tossed aside due to his interaction with these new girls but and I disagree here. He still maintained his place as top student in his grade and also never gave up his dream of becoming a doctor to heal Chiwa.
A 6 out of 10 is a too low for this series considering how bad the typical harem anime. It gets the job done without the use of anime fanservice and I would say this anime stands among the top of the harem genre and is recommended for any fan of harem anime to watch.