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Review: Strike The Blood [My Collection of Short Anime Reviews]

Continuing from a story arc that probably will be made into a money-spinning OVA or movie, the main male protagonist started his first year in high school. As he returned from extra studying sessions, he was followed by a strange girl who doesn’t know that her cover has been blown. After confronting her and makes her go away, he witnessed her assaulting two random civilians. He then decided to ensure the rule of law is being upheld and then delivered the appropriate justice to the stalker girl.

For the synopsis above, I adapted the one from what I have used for my Bakemonogatari review more than 3 years ago. Comparisons between the two will be inevitable, after all these two has many similarities; from the nature of the vampiristic main male protagonists, the futuristic settings, their harem aspects and many more.

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TXIDarkAvenger2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

"no senpai, this is our fight". This literally killed the show for me. If there is ever a 2nd season, please let him fight his own damn battles and show his own power.