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Getting Your Friends Hooked on Anime, Part 1: Finding the Perfect Show

As with any other hobby or interest, being an anime fan eventually leads to the desire to share the things we love with our friends. We can’t help but want to talk about our favorite shows with our favorite people. The trouble is, there are so many barriers to entry when it comes to much of the anime world: different language, different culture, different visual style, and on it goes. Getting your friends hooked on anime can sometimes be a tall order. The purpose of this series of articles will be to cover all the necessary steps for making a new anime fan: finding the perfect show, getting your friend to watch it, and turning an experience into a hobby.

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chaosdemon092090d ago

Back in the day I just brought in the dbz movie tree of might dub and it hooked alot of people into anime. Keep In mind this almost 20 years ago lol. Good starter anime humm? From todays current anime I'd pick accel world, sword art online, watamote,kill la kill. But always start them with a movie. Can't tell you how many anime fans come from anime movies and move on to series.

AniShark2090d ago

DBZ created a LOT of anime fans back in the day. Seems like most fans who were born in and around the 90s can trace their interest back to that or one of the other shows from the old Toonami afternoon block.

chaosdemon092089d ago

Well kinda started in the 80s with voltron, dragonball,and thundercats lol.