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New Dragon Ball Z Info from Akira Toriyama

Find out the origins of Mr. Satan, Majin Buu, the Kaioshins, Super Saiyan levels and much more in this new interview with Akira Toriyama.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

Some of this sounds like major ass pulls. especially the part about Super saiyan.

Lord_Sloth2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I dunno what show you watched but DB and DBZ was full of ass pulls. SS3 for example.

mp12892773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

My biggest problem with the DBZ movie are all the plot holes or unlikely events it creates. Starting with everybody in the kai world already knew that Beerus existed. In the Buu saga they only acted like buu was the most feared adversary. Now all of a sudden they knew about Beerus and the probably more powerful 11 other gods that already existed. It just seems unlikely.
The worst part is that in the last two episodes of the canon dbz which takes place after the beerus visit, goku is looking forward to fighting with uub. Why would he want to fight with uub now that he has long ago met Beerus which is many times more powerful?

Lastly im tired of DBZ fans rationalizing: GT is bad ==>ssj4 is bad and ssjgod is good. Horrible logic. Pesonaly i thought the DBZ movie was okay and particularly funny and better than the 64 episodes of GT which I could barely stand. But i still think that ssj4 is more creative than ssjgod which is the worst transformation Ive seen for a saiyan.

Lord_Sloth2773d ago

Because Uub is his friend. He doesn't have to fight the most powerful foes, he simply wants to. I think you're putting too much stock into the plot of a mindless action anime.

mp12892772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Goku wanted to meet Uub for the first time, so he is not yet his friend. Consistently throughout the series Goku always wants to fight the most powerful being there is. This is why having met Berus, it would make no sense to fight Uub. That is the only point I wanted to make there.
There is some mindlessness to DB, Toriyama says he often forgets alot of things and thus creates many plotholes. But the DB series deserves some credit for being so darn popular for 30 years now. Its really good.

HollowedSoul142773d ago

yeah pretty lame how he completely avoided super saiyan 4.

GenericNameHere2773d ago

SSJ4 is not canon. SSJG is the true final form... For now. SSJ4 was created for just the non-canon Timeskip that is GT.

gunnerforlife2773d ago

Why shouldn't he avoid it!? It's not his creation so in turn it's not canon! To him it doesn't exist in the main DBZ story! Same for me! Ssj4 is not canon and should never be, just because he didn't create it! I'd love it if it was part of the main story but! That'll never happen now!

DivineHand1252773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

@The guys who disagreed with HollowedSoul14. Long running series often have different writers keeping it alive. You can see proof of this with western media.
We as the audience should only be concerned with if it came from an official source and if the new content is good. Believe it or not, Dragon Ball GT is part of the Dragon Ball universe and it's time the fans who dismiss it and the creator acknowledge that.

In this interview, you see the creator is trying to overwrite some of the lore from the original series and is also trying to change it into something else. The last DBZ movie was terrible in my opinion and if that is a preview for things to come then he needs to go back into retirement because he is butchering the series and the fans are letting him do so. Instead of this whole super saiyan god nonsense, he could have made the heroes go into a parallel dimension where demons and magic exist. During the Buu arc it was stated that Dabura was an inhabitant of this world and also the king of all demons.

That is just one of the possibilities the creator could have taken to breath life back into the series instead of having goku go back out into space to find enemies that doesn't even know Earth exist.

Lord_Sloth2773d ago

lol at people complaining about him ruining the plot as of its some golden story to begin with.

DBZ is, and always has been finding am excuse for Goku to fight. Dragonball itself was just 1 big, random series of battles that had little to no reason behind them. They were random and usually dumb.

Z tried to give it SOME focus but the show didn't need much. Note it's an Adult Goku finding out there's more reason to fight which is all he was ever after to begin with. You can't complain about a series returning to ts roots as changing.

As for ignoring GT, DB belongs to Toriyama. He can ignore, rewrite, and change as he likes. I hated GT so I don't care that he's not counting it as cannon.

Baka-akaB2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

This is not a tv show , or a comics serie at Marvel or DC . It's the adaptation of a Manga with a sole overseer and creator , so no he doesnt have to acknowledge squat .

Especially parts that are widely hated rather than embraced . Sure it's convenient , as he's one a lot of bad writing within the last saga , but that's still how it is .

If anything they could have a least asked his input on how to potentially keep adding forms and ssj levels , or what he'd do instead , they didnt

The mistake with him was letting go of so many rights when it comes to anime adaptation , but that's how its pretty much rigged for every mangaka so far .

TWB2773d ago

Quite honeslty, I never really got why SSJG has to replace/disprove SSJ4 because there could easily be alternate or "corrupt" transformations.

Hell some DBZ games consider Vegeta SSJ1 and "Super Vegeta" to be different forms. Wasnt SSJ4 essentially a SSJ3 but with the powers of great ape in a compact form ? (if I remember GT right)

Couldnt that still count as an alternation of SSJ3 ?

I personally liked the look of SSJ4 more than 3 because it offered something different.

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HollowedSoul142773d ago

I know that but the guy asked him a question about it, would have been cool to hear his thoughts on the final dragon ball gt saiyan form whether he created it or not.

colonel1792773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

I just watched the entire Boo saga in two days and I noticed that Gohan is completely wasted as a character, making him the worst character in the series!

Gohan is chosen as the energy source to revive Boo, and the thingy went to the roof! He is supposed to be so powerful that he could have revived Boo by himself. He is the all might powerful that defeated Cell.

He goes and tries to defeat Boo and he is defeated in two seconds and spends like 10 episodes lying unconscious until Kaoshin finds him.

But then, he goes to train with Kaoishin because he could use the great Z sword, and spend like 10 episodes, only to be broken in two seconds, so they just wasted our time. Then Grand Kaioshin is released from the sword, and he is supposed to release Gohan's hidden power, then they spend more than 20 episodes wasting our time.

He goes again to battle Boo, and the is defeated in the same episode! If he is aware that Boo is so powerful, and he has released his power that he doesn't even have to become super saiyan, then why not turn super sayian and fight him with all his power?! Again waste of our time.

Then when he is rescued from Boo with the others thanks to Vegito, he doesn't do anything. The final battle which was Goku and Vegeta against Kid Boo, should have been Goku and Gohan. So Vegeta did much more to defeat Boo having 10000X less power than Gohan!

So to sum up:

At the beginning of the series, Gohan is a cry baby
During Freeza saga he is a cry baby
During cell Saga he is a cry baby until he trains with Goku on the chamber of time.
During Boo saga he is useless (even as useless as Krilin or Yamcha)

What a waste of character. I wish they would continue the series with other saga to at least have him to something other than defeat cell in one epic episode. That's all he had, ONE epic episode during the entire Dragon Ball Z series.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Alright first understand this DBZ is not the best written series. Toriyama wanted to end the series multiple times at the end of Freiza and Cell sagas. BUT ppl kept pushing him to go on.

Second Gohan was not a cry baby during the Freiza saga he actively tried to fight the Ginyu force and Freiza he didn't run away or anything. He even fought vegeta/Nappa in the saiyan saga. He stopped being a cry baby when Piccolo died.

Third Gohan's hidden power replaces his super saiyan entirely. His hidden power or Mystic Gohan is Stronger than Goku's SS3. I'll give u that if Gohan was there instead of Vegeta he would've Destroyed Kid buu. Gohan is technically the strongest non fused fighter in DBZ.

Gohan has many epic moments same as any other character in DBZ.

colonel1792772d ago

"Toriyama wanted to end the series multiple times at the end of Freiza and Cell sagas"

I didn't know that, I give you that.

During Frieza saga, he wasn't that much of a cry baby, but still not well developed.

I know Gohan is supposed to be much more powerful than Goku without even transforming to Super Saiyan. That's why I think they wasted him on Boo's saga. The saga should have been about him first, then Goku, then Goten and Trunks. However, it was about Goku (yet again), Vegeta, and some Goten & Trunks.

I really wish Toriyama could continue the series. Ignore GT completely, and continue after Battle of the Gods. I would love to see more of Goten and Trunks and what can Gohan really do with his power. They could even continue after Boo Saga, again, ignoring GT. There's still so much potential with the series after all these years!!

Somebody tell Toriyama to continue the series!!!!!!