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Little Busters! Collection Two Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"While any form of entertainment can appear light-hearted on the outside, there is always some form of drama to help push the story forward and among visual novel developers, Key is best known for creating emotional stories that are hard to forget. In Little Busters! Collection One a large number of the cast was introduced but only a few of them were given much depth. With Little Busters! Collection Two set to wrap up this series, does the story continue successfully from where it left off?"

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koga883192d ago

Kud is easily one of the best characters in this show. That being said, I hope Sentai doesn't drag their feet on getting Refrain out so everyone can find out the truth behind the world.

Subby3192d ago

While I liked the anime, I just didn't feel the same magic as when I read the VN. That being said, I don't think JC Staff deserve the harsh criticism they got.