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Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV Probably Won’t Release Before March 2015

Twinfinite writes:

"Square Enix has been quiet about details on Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3, but recent financial results may lend an idea of when not to expect them."

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darkwalker2446d ago

I think at this point this is fairly obvious; sadly, we probably won't see FFXV until early 2016 in North America and KHIII until the following year. A large enough install base is needed to release AAA games. Plus Nomura is a perfectionist and great games take time to make.

MZ9k2446d ago

Are you kidding? Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy are some of the most popular if not the most popular jrpgs out there right now. These games sell systems. I honestly cannot believe it has taken this long to get games that have been well beyond hyped and pitched as "in development" to get to shelves.

I blame them milking the series and burning their money.

Seriously can't even begin to understand what is wrong with Square. My expectations will be beyond high and surely shot for the nth time when these games finally do come out.

True shame.

Agent_hitman2446d ago

Just as expected!!. See?, Square Enix is toying with us all this time!. You know, for real!, I give up!. Screw this

DEATHxTHExKIDx2446d ago

FFXV I expect sometime in 2015. KH3 2016-2017. Either way I can't w8 for more info at E3 so CLOSE.