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Geekorner's Spring 2014 Overview - Week 8

Another week! While the popcorn shows hadn't been as much fun this week, everything else was well-directed and emotional. I'd take that trade.

Longer write-ups for Ping Pong, Isshuukan Friends, Mekakucity Actors, Nisekoi, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, and shorter write-ups for a bunch more!

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Thunder_God2338d ago

This week and season in general make me wonder if I should watch currently airing shounen shows, or just wait for them to end, because they're a tad tiring otherwise. Hm.

Well, even the "meh" stuff this week was alright, I'm hardly suffering! A good time to be an anime-watcher :)

tayz2338d ago

are these new anime from the spring in the list?

Thunder_God2338d ago

Yup. These are all episodes from currently airing episodes which aired, and I've watched, over the past week.

It's a weekly post.

My non-currently airing shows are listed on a monthly basis.