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Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Anime Trailer #2

Check out the second Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin trailer. The anime will debut in 2015 and will be made by popular studio Sunrise. The post also features thoughts on the trailer.

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Hergula1602d ago


JustSaiyan1601d ago

Do you think this could usher in a new wave of Gundam fans?

Subby1601d ago

Gundam IMO isn't popular with general anime fans. A prequel OVA to UC is unlikely to garner new fans.

ScubbaSteve1601d ago

Maybe if the male Gundam falls over and lands on the female Gundam accidentally groping its breast plate with the rest of the episode being robotic fan service. Add a few beach episodes with some exposed wiring and then I think you may appeal to this generation of anime fans.

Hergula1600d ago


The thing is that, when new fans to the gundam series ask where to start watching the 35+ years anime franchise, we often tend to suggest to watch either the original with a very open mind because of the animation level compared to today, or simply direct them to a well-crafted alternative universe series like 00 or SEED.

For new fans, it will be easy to suggest them to start watching The Origin, and while a 4-film episode, it is the beginning of it all, the beginning of the best character in gundam history, and arguably one of the best in anime in general, Char Aznable.

It will take us back to the innocent time in youth, when Char is molded into the mastermind we see him as in Gundam (79) and so on...

DivineHand1251601d ago

I'll watch this a year after it airs so I can marathon it.

Hergula1600d ago

@Subby - that is the most untrue thing I have ever heard. Your comment simply shows your ignorance and your level of knowledge when it comes to anime. Gundam is one of the most well-known anime series in the world, with one of the largest fan-bases, that is a fact, look it up and realize you can't say whatever you want to say and act like its a fact, the world does not work like that.

ZetsubouJ1601d ago

I love those retro character designs!!