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Top 70 Anime Openings (Part 2)

"I’m back with the second half of my top 70 anime openings of all time (you can read part 1 here). It took longer to finish than I expected. Now we’re getting to the cream of the crop, the best intros anime has to offer. No matter where these fall in the rankings, know that they’re all really great openings. Same rules as before apply, only one opening per series."

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tazmeah3147d ago

I applaud your hard work. It must have been difficult to sort your top 70 anime openings. I wonder how many you listened to and watched just to make this list.

I have many disagreements with the arrangement though, but that's just saying we all have opinions. Two changes I'd make:

1. One Piece opening theme for season 13 > season 15.

2. Naruto opening theme for season 2 (Haruka Kanata) > Naruto Shippuden 8.

FierceAlchemist3147d ago

Glad you enjoyed it.

1. OP 13 is definitely a stand out and the more serious tone of it fits with the seriousness of the Whitebeard War arc. But for me One Piece has always been about fun adventure and I love to see that adventure aspect in the opening (I really like the 5th and 6th openings for that reason). Plus its really depressing to watch when you know Ace's fate.

2. That's definitely one of the better OPs for the original Naruto series. But I found the OPs in Shippuden to be better. I had a hard time choosing between Shippuden 8, 1, and 13. They all had some kind of unique presentation which I think is really important to make an opening stand out.

ExCest3147d ago

I'd like to mention that all the OPs that have songs by MONACA are amazing (like the Monogatari series, A Channel, and Servant x Service). Or at least, as far as I know. Other than that, 70 for a list is insane.

FierceAlchemist3146d ago

I haven't seen Monogatari but SevantxService almost made it on the list. It's definitely one of the most addictive OP songs I've ever heard.

Scizz3146d ago

Doesn't have one Gintama OP on there... :'(

FierceAlchemist3146d ago

What can I say, I haven't seen Gintama and the prospect of watching over a dozen openings was a little intimidating.

DEATHxTHExKIDx3144d ago

Solid list. I enjoyed most of these. may even have to put some on my ipod