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Yet Another (Un)Surprising Spring 2014 Ranking.

As of June 30, the day this article has been written, we are 2 days away from the fabtastic swimapocalypse and all the other anticipated (and not so anticipated) high profile (and not so high-profile) season of adaptations, sequels and all the other anime goodness that us fans love and love to hate. It’s a thrilling week of premieres to say the least, and unfortunately I will not be able to be there for it (but that’s another story) however I’ll make sure to catch up around the second episode and go from there.

Still, that said, this also means us anibloggers and anivloggers alike are closing the season, some shows forever, others are already buying their ticket to return while others remain in the dark. Neverthless, without further ado, here I present my own ranking of the fanservice-infested Spring season.

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