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The Animatrix - Impressions and Notes

Guy recently rewatched The Animatrix for the first time since it had originally come out. He took notes on each of the short films after it ended, describing how he felt about each, and which ideas he found to be more interesting or worthwhile of discussion.

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Thunder_God2340d ago

The quality isn't always even, which is understandable when you have a variety of studios and directors.

The stories usually aren't enough to fill a thimble with, which is understandable given their length.

And even so, it's interesting. Glimpses into the matrix, and raising some interesting questions for us to think over on our own - just like The Matrix itself.

UltraNova2339d ago

Here's hopping Warner Bros gets a move on and gives the go to the makers of the Matrix to do the long time rumored sequels some time soon...

Thunder_God2339d ago

Sequels, after a decade, when it's not something on the level of Star Wars? Hm. Also didn't hear the Wachowskis were interested?

UltraNova2339d ago

Its all but confirmed, the Wachowskis said in an interview (I cant find it for some reason)that the only way to make a new Matrix movie was that they presented something totally unseen and revolutionary or they wouldn't go at it at all.

And lets be honest here Warner Bros needs a blockbuster to go against the new Star wars trilogy and Avatar 2 and 3...The Matrix, if done right can do exactly that.