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Ranma 1/2 SET 2 Review | The Game Scouts

Shezka Foxe: Right from the start the anime is very clear cut. Even though I started on episode 24 of the anime, it was easy to get quickly caught up to the present episodes. The anime opens up with the protagoinst Ranma Soutome. He is a martial artist who fell into a cursed spring of a drowned girl. So now when cold water is dumped on Ranma he turns into a red haired girl! On top of dealing with becoming the opposite gender every time it rains Ranma also has a fiancée. Her name is Akane, and neither martial artist is very happy with the arranged marriage. Their fathers had decided (without either person’s consent) that they wished to unite their dojos. What better way than to get their kids to marry? Right from the start Ranma and Akane oppose the marriage proposal. Constantly telling each other they will never marry even if it came down to the end of days.

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