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Dragon Ball Full Colour (Manga) Volume 2 Review [SnapThirty]

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

I have been searching the skies and the seas below for volume two of the ‘Dragon Ball Full Colour’ Manga, and after weeks of longing for a glimpse at it’s sweet, colourful pages, Madman Entertainment has thrown me a bone…Quite literally! A lot of this generation’s Anime fans grew up on ‘Dragon Ball Z’. We were watching it before we even knew what Anime was. We were watching ‘Dragon Ball Z’ even though we had no knowledge of ‘Dragon Ball’, the series that came before it. It didn’t matter to us that certain things didn’t make sense, we just watched it for what it was and it, in turn, made us love it. Many, many years later I’m presented with the re-release of the original Manga that spawned an Anime that practically raised me to be the Anime fan I am today. Obviously I dropped to my knees and openly wept but after I gathered myself and cried every last tear I opened the book and began to read. Memories rushed back to me. Yes, Goku couldn’t go Super Saiyan at one point in time! Yes, Vegeta was an enemy at one point in time! Oh yeah, Piccolo used to be a bit of a dick! Oh man, do I love it! My co-writer Kane Bugeja recently reviewed the first volume of the series which you can read by Clicking Here. Don’t worry though, reader, I’ve also read the first volume so I’m ready to tackle what’s to come in volume two.

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SaffronCurse2334d ago

Would be awesome to see more color manga