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Aldnoah.Zero episode 1 - The Framework of Ideals is Set – Release the Characters!

Aldnoah.Zero's first episode came and went, and Guy breaks it down, showing which themes and ideals are front and center this time. Considering Gen Urobuchi is only dealing with the first three episodes, it remains to be seen where it'll go from here.

Also a discussion of the art-style and production values.

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Thunder_God2298d ago

It was an... interesting first episode. It's very Gen Urobuchi. A lot happened, but it doesn't have meaning first. "Situation, status quo, meet change."

We've had a lot of ideas thrown around, but we haven't had any characters just yet. And it may go anywhere from here.

I often like Urobuchi's ideas, but not how he treats them, or how the series go. But we'll see.