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Michael Bay Officially Denies Rumors He's Doing Evangelion

Breathe easily, otaku. Evangelion and Transformers are getting some crossover toy repaints in Japan, but the rumors that Michael Bay actually said "I don't know if you are familiar with 'Evangelion' but that's one movie that I want to direct," as reported on a Korean gossip site which cited a non-existent Transformers fan site, are not true, as confirmed by Bay's official social media.

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Embolado2295d ago

Well hopefully he will stay away from the franchise. Leave it to the likes of Del Toro. Bay's action sequence shots are way to close, he thinks he is portraying the scene as if you where right in the middle of it, but all it ends up doing is looking like a blurry mess with no background to frame the scene.

Sentient5452294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

That would be the worst combination ever. Evangelion is a wholly psychological series reliant on subtlety, symbolism, and implication. Whereas Michael Bay's style is entirely focused on direct, superficial action and thrillride special effects, with little overall substance.

Giant robots aside, there is literally nothing the two have in common.

Tony-Red-Grave2294d ago

If giant robots were all it took.... just imagine the sort of reaction a micheal bay directing a gundam anime/movie would get? Needless to say I'd cry for days without stop.

pompombrum2294d ago

Some stuff just doesn't need to be given a live movie treatment. Evangelion, Akira etc are PERFECT just the way they are. Hollywood stay the ef away from them!

ZombieGamerMan2294d ago

Neon Genesis Evangelion sucks hard