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Christopher Sabat Addresses Complaining Fans About Vegeta Voice Change

Junkie Monkeys: Christopher Sabat is known as one of Dragon Ball Z’s finest voice actors; he has single handedly provided voices for numerous characters on the show. From characters like Omega Shenron and Kami, to notable characters like Piccolo and Yamcha; Chris Sabat has done a lot for the Dragon Ball universe. Mr. Sabat’s voice acting for his most notorious role as Vegeta has been coming under fire as of late and he has decided to address complaining fans.

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hkgamer2296d ago

probably the right choice to cast him as vegeta. pretty sure it would have been worse if it wasnt him.

was he the over 9000 guy? or was that someone else?

DragoonsScaleLegends2296d ago

He was not the canadian dub. But his voice is way better.

Deadpool6162295d ago

Over 9000! was Brian Drummond. He did a fantastic job as Vegeta and created a template for Chris Sabat to follow. Chris Sabat eventually had to make the voice his own (make the character's voice settle towards his vocal cords) but Brian Drummond was the first to pave the way for the character. He did a really amazing job portraying the sinister side of Vegeta.

Tzuno2296d ago

English dub of chinese or japanese anime sucks. end of story.

DragoonsScaleLegends2296d ago

Why... are you japanese or chinese? What chinese anime get's dubbed?

hkgamer2296d ago

anime normally only refers to japanese animations.

chinese animations are rare and dont think any has been dubbed to any other language apart from cantonese and mandarin.

i am a fan of watching things with the original voice, however some animes have pretty cool english dubs. i also find light heart anime have a good track record of having a good english dub.

anime i enjoyed in english as much as i did in japanese:

cowboy bebop
studio ghibli anime.

NarooN2296d ago

LOL get outta here with that stereotypical weeaboo nonsense. I don't know why so many weeaboos like to think there's no such thing as a bad Japanese dub. There are tons of anime that have great or good English dubs.

Take 'Black Lagoon' for example. It can easily be argued that the English dub is clearly BETTER than the "original" Japanese dub, because not only do the English voices perfectly match the many characters' personalities, in fact, the main characters are actually speaking English in the show's universe.

Cowboy Bebop is another classic example of a flawless English dub. So no, sweeping generalizations like "English dubs suck always" don't work here. It's nothing more than a mentally-bankrupt logical fallacy.

DragoonsScaleLegends2296d ago

People complaining because they heard one second of his voice in a trailer are retarded. His voice is most likely identical to his DBZ Kai voice.

cyclindk2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Sounds like someone else from DBZ I can't put my finger on it...or something... I can do better Vegeta than this.. weird.

kingPoS2296d ago

It's his voice, if he wants to take care of it by 'modifying' Vegeta, can you blame him.

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