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Appleseed Alpha Review [Kuma Kreations Entertainment]

Kuma wrote: The best thing you can do when the world has gone to sh*t is to find a companion to share the chaos with. Briareos and Deunan have been fighting in this battle for a long time, but right now they may have a chance at peace within the walls of Olympus. However there are a few oppositions that are standing in their way so that they can peacefully be with one another or die trying. Welcome to this prequel review to the famed Appleseed Movies.

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UltraNova2285d ago

If it weren't for the top notch visuals this movie would feel underdeveloped and cliche, story-wise to a fault.

SavageKuma2284d ago

It was kind of bland to me, but I don't think the visuals could save a movie. If it has a good story it will survive. Not many people are that dull to be wowed my graphics and visuals.

UltraNova2284d ago

Yes this was exactly my point,the only thing that I liked was the visuals because I can appreciate the work put in to get that kind of visual fidelity which doesn't mean that I liked the story, or lack thereof to be frank.

The only thing it had going for it (apart for the visuals)was the strong connection between the two lead characters not much else.