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It’s Time To Robattle With A Newly Released Duo Of Medabots 8 Trailers!

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

The future is here, Medababy! Have ever wanted to have your own robot friend that you could care for, customise, polish up and then send into battle against other possibly-deadly robots? I know I have! The next in the series’ line of video games, ‘Medabots 8′ is about to be released in Japan to one heck of an amazing critical reception. Even though the franchise has died off over here in the West, it is still going strong in Japan with a massive fanbase that just keeps demanding more games. Two new gameplay videos were just released and both focus entirely on the battle system of the new pair of games that are quite reminiscent of previous ‘Medabots’ titles but with little tweaks and changes to make the combat mechanics smoother and more enjoyable...

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