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Naruto Really Might Be Ending

According to my source it would appear that a movie is on the way, and the manga *might* be heading toward it’s end. Updates on the translation included.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2621d ago

It was confirmed it was ending this year for sure. Maybe sooner than expected.

hkgamer2620d ago

either the author of this article is ignorant or he is just writing to sound surprised.

every reader knows it is ending.

JustSaiyan2620d ago

Naruto started ending back in 2012, ha ha.

GenericNameHere2620d ago

How long has the 5th (I think) Great Ninja War been going on? In the story, probably not even a week has passed yet. For us readers, it's been going on for 3+ years now.

JustSaiyan2619d ago

I literally can't remember but 2011 apparently, geez.

jairusmonillas2620d ago

I used to like Naruto but not anymore... it lost its appeal to me. Still love watching One Piece though. that's the anime that i hope doesn't get finished yet. :P

DEATHxTHExKIDx2620d ago

According to Oda One Piece has another 10 years left. Even tho he said the same thing like 3 years ago lol.

Are_The_MaDNess2619d ago

well they just got to the new world, you they are about halfway there...... even if it ends after another 600+ episodes i will be happy with it. aslong as they dont screw something up in the end XD

--Onilink--2619d ago

not only was it already announced, i think its fairly obvious at this point that the current series needs to end. It seems like every month a new deus ex machina is thrown in all of a sudden to try to explain everything and the power levels are so broken by now, if this was DBZ, Naruto would probably be Super Saiyan God 10 by now.

I think its time to let it end, give it some time to rest and return later with new characters later in the future (think Korra to Avatar)

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