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Akame ga Kill! Episode #03 Anime Review | Fandom Post

These pretty girls do some ugly work.
What They Say:
Under the rule of a tyrannical empire, Tatsumi, a young swordsman, leaves his home to save his poverty stricken village. He meets a girl named Akame, an assassin who was bought, brainwashed and trained to kill by the Empire. Akame is a member of the secret assassin group called “Night Raid” who use special weapons called Teigu. Together, Tatsumi and the members of Night Raid confront the corrupt empire.

The Review:
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As the preview from the previous episode made clear, Tatsumi would be continuing his training under his senior members, moving onto Mine for this episode. In some ways, the girls of Night Raid are very similar; all are beautiful (because this is anime, after all), all are engaged in some pretty gruesome killing (because this is Night Raid, after all), and it’s safe to assume that all have dark pasts that have made his line of work more a natural necessity than a conscious choice. But given all that, Mine seems like possibly the greatest departure from Akame for who Tatsumi could be paired up with next. Hilarity ensues? Maybe a little bit.

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