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[Spoilers] Edge of Tomorrow and All You Need Is Kill ~ A Rant About Why Hollywood Sucks

Initially, my impressions of Edge of Tomorrow after having watched the film were fairly positive. For a plot that revolved around a time loop, it’s always a congratulatory thing for such media to avoid demonstrable tedium, nicely paced and balanced between epic action spectacles and hilariously morbid slapstick.

The two main characters were affable, if a tad simple in archetype, and I felt, while there was chemistry between them, the limited on-screen intimacy (less making out and sexy times and more sharing interests and memories) between them, outside of montages and references to intimate moments that occurred in some other loop we haven’t seen, hurt my ability to identify emotionally with their plight and drive the drama to a higher tier, with the limited amount of run-time allotted to movies, I think this one was a job well done.

Edge of Tomorrow also enjoyed financial and critical success upon general reception. It made me excited, considering the movie was adapted from a light novel, from Japan,...

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ZeroReq0111551d ago

Hello everyone! I'm ZeroReq011. I like a lot of things, and I dislike a lot of things. And I dislike Hollywood. Please enjoy this post of me abusing Hollywood.

frjoethesecond1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Edge of tomorrow was sweet IMO. Gotta read this manga.

WhyWai881550d ago

Edge of Tomorrow is not bad a film. Definitely a better Hollywood Sci-Fi flick. But after reading the manga, it is a much better story and explanation of the mimic's ability.

The movie will be so much better following the original story. But again, Hollywood audience can't take hard sci-fi & tragedy ending.

renerak1547d ago

The manga ended in a sad way. He will always be alone. And i too hate hollywood.