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Persona 4: The Golden Animation Episode #01 Anime Review | Fandom Post

New fans need not apply.

What They Say:
A teenager named Yu Narukami transfers to Yasogami High School. He hears from his new friends about something called the “Midnight Channel.” Will he attempt to watch a turned-off TV on a rainy night to find out what it is all about?

The Review:

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As the tag above says, if you don’t know anything about Persona 4, then this is not a show for you. Persona 4 The Golden Animation is based off the Persona 4 re-release Persona 4 Golden which basically was the same as the original release, except that it had additional content. In similar fashion, Persona 4: The Animation came out originally in 2011, and followed the original game with a bit more detail. The Golden, similar to the re-release, follows the game but at a breakneck pace. If you’re not already a dedicated Persona 4 fan, this is not the show for you, and I’d recommend tracking down and watching the original Persona 4 anime (which can be found on Hulu).

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